COVID Policy

For the health and safety of our KCT kids, leaders, and families, Kids Coming Together follows stricter COVID protocol than is required by State and County mandate. We thank you for understanding.

Read our full COVID safety policy below.

Kids Coming Together COVID-19 Safety Policy

Updated 3/24/2022

At Kids Coming Together we take the safety of your kids and our community very seriously. Here’s what is important to know before taking part in our events:

Vaccines & Masks Help Keep our Community Safe

The safety of our community is our highest priority. Our COVID policy was decided upon by our Youth Board and is intended to help protect KCT kids, KCT high school leaders, our families, and our county’s health care system. We reassess our policy on a regular basis and update it as needed, so please be sure to check back frequently.

We all understand that Covid-19 safety protocols change frequently and it is hard to keep up with everything. As new guidance emerges and the science develops, we continuously seek ways to minimize risk to our community and do our best to keep an up-to-date COVID policy.

Kids in grades 3-8
All individuals are strongly encouraged to vaccinated, but proof of vaccination is not required for kids in grades 3-8.

High School Volunteers
To help ensure protection of the vulnerable among our KCT kids and their family members, COVID vaccinations and boosters are required for all high school volunteers. Proof of vaccination must be provided. 

Please Note
While we take our cues from Washington state, King County Health Department, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our policies are discussed and voted upon by the Kids Coming Together Youth Board.

Indoor Events
Masks are currently optional at all indoor events. Kids and leaders are encouraged to wear them if it makes them feel more comfortable. 

Outdoor Events
Masks are currently optional at all outdoor events. Kids and leaders are encouraged to wear them if it makes them feel more comfortable.

What Are Acceptable Forms of Vaccination Proof?

  • CDC Covid-19 vaccination record card or a clear photo of the card;
  • Printed certificate or QR code from Clear or; or
  • Vaccine administration record from a vaccine provider, including an individual’s doctor, pharmacy, or another official immunization record from within or outside the U.S., including a photo or photocopy.

Who to Contact if Positive After an Event

If a KCT kid or a KCT high school leader tests positive for COVID up to five days after attending a KCT event, It's crucial that you email our Program Director, Deb Carmichael, at