High School Students – Come Volunteer With Us!

Come Volunteer with KCT!

 More high school volunteers are needed. We welcome leaders from all areas, but please know that currently most of our events are in Sammamish. Leaders are responsible for participating at events, facilitating interactions, and helping kids have fun and make new friends!

Kids Coming Together offers three volunteer opportunities:


Event Volunteers

Event volunteers are asked to commit to at least two event per month. More is encouraged. This position is very flexible and shouldn’t interfere with other commitments. You will select which events you want to come to and then commit to those events online when you are ready.


Interns are asked to learn about how we run our non-profit and to assist with all facets: event planning, marketing, public speaking, leading events, communicating with our partner organizations, learning about youth mental wellness, etc. Interns are expected to complete 100 hours of volunteer community service hours working with KCT.

Board Member

We are seeking future board members to lead KCT starting summer of 2020.


 How To Volunteer

Please start by filling out the form below to register (subscribe).  This will allow KCT to email you updates and opportunities.

To sign up to be a volunteer leader at an event or to sign up for leader training, please go to our calendar page. Click the event you want to volunteer for and RSVP under leader.

If you have any questions – please email Kimberly@KidsComingTogether.org


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