High School Students – Come Volunteer With Us!

 High School Students –

Come Volunteer with KCT!

 All high school students are encouraged to come volunteer with KCT! For now, most of our events take place in Sammamish, but students from all areas are invited to join us!

To register as a high school leader, please fill out the form below, and then head on over to the events page to register for events.

Event Volunteers

  Event volunteers are asked to commit to at least two event per month. Each event is usually about an hour and 15 minutes. This position is very flexible and shouldn’t interfere with other commitments, as you select events that work with your schedule.   Come gain community service/volunteer hours in a fun environment while you lead younger kids and help them bond and connect to their community.  Just bring your smile.

Youth Board Member/Intern

We are seeking future board members to lead KCT starting fall of 2021.  Youth Board members help run KCT.  Please see our about KCT page to meet our current Youth Board and learn about the different positions they hold.  If you are interested in learning more please reach out to our Youth Board president or vice president or email

 How To Volunteer

Please start by filling out the form below to register (subscribe).  This will allow KCT to email you updates and opportunities.

To sign up to be a volunteer leader at an event or to sign up for leader training, please go to our calendar page. Click the event you want to volunteer for and RSVP under leader.

If you have any questions – please email Deb@KidsComingTogether.org


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