Frequently Asked Questions for Kids Coming Together –

Q – What ages can participate with KCT?
A – Kids coming together events are for kids in grades 3 to 8 (during the summer kids are considered the grade they will be entering in the fall). High School students participate as event leaders or Youth Board Members / Interns.
Q – What areas do you serve?
A – We currently operate in Sammamish and kids from outside Sammamish are welcome to attend. We hope to spread to Kirkland, Redmond and maybe Issaquah for the next academic year. We are currently searching for adult volunteers to lead those areas. We are open to growing in other areas if we find an area leader.
Q- Where do you meet?
A – When we are hosting our own events, we usually meet at the Sammamish Lutheran Church. We are not affiliated with them, but they are so kind to allow our non-profit to use their amazing large space. When we are working with a partner organization we go where the event or project is, but we stay in the general area that we serve.
Q – How long are your events?
A – Most events are for one hour. However, check the calendar when you RSVP because there are times when our community partner needs us there for a longer.
Q – Why are you only in Sammamish?
A – We started with a group of Sammamish area High School students and thus focused on the Sammamish area. We do hope to have Redmond, Kirkland and maybe Issaquah area’s in the near future. We are also open to other areas if we find an area leader interested in leading.
Q – Do I have to stay with my child when they attend a KCT event?
A – KCT doesn’t have contact, health or emergency information. KCT is not able to supervise or keep track of you child. If the event is somewhere where you would allow your child to be alone, then you can leave them with us. Otherwise you need to stay nearby.
Q – Do parents need to participate with their child?
A – Parents do not need to participate with their child and generally we ask that you stay out of the way. However, if you child needs assistance or is uncomfortable then you are welcome to make sure you child is getting the most out of the KCT event.
Q – What types of kids is KCT for?
A – KCT welcome kids in grades 3 to 8 to participate. We welcome kids that are interested in doing community service projects and those that want to make new friends. We love to have kids that are socially successful, have big hearts, and who want to make other kids feel welcome. KCT offers a huge welcome to kids who could use the opportunity or some assistance to make a new friend. KCT reaches out to kids who are typically developing but struggle a bit in the area of making or keeping friends. Our high school leaders really work hard to introduce kids to new peers and facilitate finding conversations and common bonds.
Q – How do I sign my child up?
A – On the www.KidsComingTogther.org website there is a calendar of events. When you see an event that interests you, click on it to learn more. On that page there will be an option to RSVP. You must sign your child up as that is where you will sign the waiver which is required for your child to participate.
Q- I know of a great project that might be a good event for KCT, who should I contact?
A – Please email Kimberly@KidsComingTogether.org. We love new ideas.
Q – How can I get involved and help KCT?
A – So many ways!
1) Adult – Area directors. We are currently searching for organized adults with leadership skills that can oversee an area. No experience necessary. Maybe you used to be part of PTSA, or a team parents, or you just had some relaxation in your schedule. Come talk to us. This position requires you to supervise all the high school and adult volunteers and make sure your area runs smoothly. This position requires a commitment of at least a year and could be anywhere from 5 to 15 hours a week depending on how you choose to organize things. You must pass a background check through your local school district.
2) Adult – Event attendants. Help at events by being a present adult. The high school kids do most of the work but for insurance and to give the high school students a hand if needed, we need at least one adult present at each event. Commitment level could be as low as one event a month. You must pass a background check with your local school district.
3) High School Students – Youth Board Members / Interns. The Youth Board Members / Inters run their area’s KCT program. We meet once a week as a board for about an hour and we ask that you attend at least 3 events each month. It’s totally fine for Youth Board Members / Interns to join the board even if they know in advance there may be some weeks or months at a time when they will be less able to contribute (travel, sports team, drama, club or other commitment). Youth Board Members / Interns work together to do event planning, marketing, social media, community relations, community service, presentations, leading events, etc. Youth Board Members / Interns should have an interest in leadership, marketing, business, management, non-profit, youth mental wellness or making a difference in the lives of local kids. Commitment is requested for a year (usually about May to May) and requires at least 9 months with the ability to contribute at least 10 to 15 hours a month. 8th graders are encouraged to express and interest during the spring prior to high school.
4) High School Students – event leaders. No big commitment. Come get volunteer hours while you help younger kids do community service projects or hang out at our events. Sign up on-line for the events that interest you and please try to come to two training sessions per year. We ask that you try to come to at least one event per month, but of course we encourage more. High School event leaders are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior the start of the event to learn what the project is and to be ready to greet the participants.