Frequently Asked Questions for Kids Coming Together –

Q – What ages can participate with KCT?
A – Kids coming together events are for kids in grades 3 to 8 (during the summer kids are considered the grade they will be entering in the fall). High School students can volunteer as event leaders or  apply to join the Youth Board.
Q – What areas do you serve?
A – We currently operate in Sammamish and kids from outside Sammamish are welcome to attend. We hope to spread to the Kirkland area in the future. We are currently searching for adult volunteers to work with us in expanding in that area.  We are open to discussion about growing in other areas once COVID restrictions are lifted if we find area leaders to work with.
Q- Where do you meet?
A – We meet wherever the event is best facilitated within the Sammamish/Issaquah/Redmond area – predominantly on the Sammamish Plateau. When we are working with a partner organization we go where the event or project is, but we tend to stay in the general area that we serve.
Q – How long are your events?
A – Most events are for one to one and a half hours. However, check the calendar when you RSVP because there are times when our community partner needs us there for a longer.
Q – Why are you only in Sammamish?
A – We started with a group of Sammamish area High School students and thus focused on the Sammamish area. 
Q – Do I have to stay with my child when they attend a KCT event?
A – Due to COVID restrictions and guidelines we ask parents not to attend events. You are welcome to wait in the parking lot or explore the local area but we need to keep numbers down and therefore restrict events to the Registered Kids and HS Volunteers.  Leaving the area of the event is your choice. We do have the phone number you registered with and will call if any problems come up.
Q – Do parents need to participate with their child?
A – Parents do not participate with their child. However, if you child needs assistance then please contact our Program Director, Deb Carmichael, to discuss what events might work for you.
Q – What types of kids is KCT for?
A – KCT designs events for kids in grades 3 to 8. We welcome kids that are looking to make new friends and/or take part in community service projects.  Our high school leaders work hard to facilitate new social interactions and help encourage conversations, all while working to help our community. 
Q – How do I sign my child up?
A – On the website there is a calendar of events. When you see an event that interests you, click on it to learn more. On that page there will be an option to RSVP.  You must sign your child up for any and all events as that is where you will sign the waiver which is required for your child to participate.
Q- I know of a great project that might be a good event for KCT, who should I contact?
A – Please email We love new ideas!