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Have a service opportunity? Questions?

We love partnering with local organizations and would be thrilled to come to your next service opportunity. If you would like more information on how KCT works or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

To get in contact with our Events Planner:

Abi Burns

Any questions about our website?

Our website is relatively new and we are open to any suggestions and feedback. If you need any clarification on what any page’s purpose is or if a link isn’t working be sure to contact our webmaster.

To get in contact with our Webmaster:

Liam Coltorti

Want to get involved as an adult? Have any questions about the program as a parent?

If you’re an adult and are interested in becoming a volunteer, or you’re a parent and have any questions about what KCT does as a program, make sure to contact our program director.

To get in contact with our Program Director:

Deb Carmichael