Make friends. have fun. serve others.

Kids Coming Together provides opportunities for local youth to make new friends and connect with their community through free service events led by high school students.

Helping kids make new friends and connect to their community.

With a focus on friendships, Kids Coming Together promotes community service and a sense of belonging for youth in grades 3-8. Local high schoolers lead by example and help younger kids actively participate in fun service events.

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Attention High Schoolers!

Sign up to volunteer at one (or more) of our upcoming events. It’s tons of fun, and you may be able to earn volunteer hours!

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Here's what the kids are saying about KCT.

“After isolating myself when COVID first hit, my mom encouraged me to sign up for a KCT event. KCT gave me a safe space to relearn my social skills and have fun! This year I joined the Youth Board to help kids like me grow and overcome challenges in their lives.”

Tanya Nair, Executive Board and former KCT Kid

"As an 8th grader, it's sometimes hard to balance schoolwork and other activities, but KCT events are flexible and fun - and a great way to earn volunteer hours. I've met new friends and learned so much about helping others in our community. It's a great feeling to know I'm making a difference!”

8th Grader, Inglewood Middle School

"I like the fun activities, playing with other kids, helping the community, and working with the High School Leaders! When I go to high school, I want to volunteer as a Leader as well!”

3rd Grader, Margaret Mead Elementary

"Participating in KCT events has been amazing for my daughter. She's gained confidence and improved her social skills - all while having a blast!"

Parent of a KCT Kid

"I have learned so much about event management and just how much effort it takes to plan an event. In addition to learning important leadership skills, I have witnessed so many heartwarming interactions between kids that make all of the hard work worth it.”

Abi Burns, Former Youth Board President

“I love KCT events because there are so many fun ways to be involved and lots of opportunities for community service and interacting with others.”

Anika Kamath, Former Youth Board, Executive Board, and KCT Kid

As a parent, I'm so impressed with how KCT encourages kids to have fun and give back to the community. My child always comes home excited after their events. It's been truly wonderful to witness her growth in leadership and empathy.”

Parent of a KCT Kid

Be a part of something special

There are several ways you can participate with Kids Coming Together.

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Sign up for an event to reserve a spot for your child in grades 3-8. Events are always free, and you MUST register your child in advance.

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High school volunteers facilitate our events to help kids develop lasting friendships. Get more information on how you can join us!

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