Meet the Youth Board

The Kids Coming Together Youth Board is made up of local high schoolers. These impressive young people devote their time growing KCT as they develop leadership, teamwork, and decision-making skills.

Get to know our 2022-23 Youth Board.

Ronny - Edited

Ronny Erlich (She/Her)

Ronny is a senior at Eastlake High School, who is serving as President in her 4th year on the Youth Board. She hopes her work with KCT can give kids somewhere they can feel safe and supported. She is excited to continue to make this year better than ever!

Sunantha Sathish Kumar - Edited

Sunantha Sathish Kumar (She/Her)

I’m Sunny, a senior at STEM. I’ve been with KCT since my freshman year of high school after an event my sister attended. I enjoy photography and engineering a lot. I also draw and write in my free time!

Ioli - Edited

Ioli Shrivastava (She/Her)

Ioli is a senior at Skyline High School, and looks forward to serving her fourth year on the Youth Board. She loves being a part of KCT and greatly enjoys working with kids during community service events. In her free time, Ioli enjoys painting, biking, and reading.

Sneha - Edited

Sneha Murali (She/Her)

Hi! Sneha is a senior at Tesla STEM high school this year. In her free time, she loves to paint and spend time with friends. She joined KCT due to her passion for helping others, both in her local community and in other parts of our state. She is excited for everything KCT will accomplish this year!

Enhlen - Edited

Enhlen Bayarbahdal (She/Her)

Enhlen is a Junior at Eastlake High School. She enjoys volunteering and spending time with family and friends. She joined KCT because she has been volunteering at KCT for over a year and was interested in getting more involved as she loves what KCT does.

Ofir - Edited

Ofir Erlich (She/Her)

Ofir Erlich is a sophomore at EHS and she loves to bake and spend time with family and friends. This is her second year of KCT, last year she was the social media intern but this year she on the event team. Ofir is very excited to see what this year holds in stock and what KCT can accomplish together!

Anika Kolagotla - Edited

Anika Kolagotla (She/Her)

Anika is a senior at Skyline High School. She joined KCT to assist youth in forming bonds with their peers and learning to love community service. Outside of KCT, Anika is a passionate advocate for sustainability, and enjoys baking and watching horror movies.

IMG_1555 - Edited

Sandilya Parimi (He/Him)

Sandy is a sophomore in Issaquah High School. Sandy likes to hangout with friends and play board games with my family. He joined KCT to help youth in developing stronger social skills and for them to become more open about themselves.

Anika Kamath - Edited

Anika Kamath (She/Her)

Anika is so excited and grateful to be serving her third year on the KCT Youth Board! She is a junior at Eastlake High School, and this is her second year fulfilling the Newsletter position on the board. Anika truly loves KCT because she really values community service and enjoys working with kids! In her free time, her hobbies include dancing, baking, reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family!

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Tanya Nair (She/Her)

Tanya is excited to be this year's Youth Board Secretary! She has been attending KCT events since she was in middle school and joined the Youth Board her freshman year of high school because of the positive impact attending KCT events had on her mental health and sense of community, especially during the pandemic. This will be her second year on the board! In her free time, Tanya likes to listen to music, read, and swim.

Krish - Edited

Krish Marwaha (He/Him)

Krish Marwaha is a sophomore at Skyline High School. In his free time, Krish enjoys volunteering. In addition to Kids Coming Together, he is a manager at ProVector Learning and an ENGin tutor/ambassador. Krish joined KCT in May 2022 where he found it a unique opportunity to help the community and teach younger children to do the same. He hopes to have a great year on the 2022-23 Youth Board!

Prisha - Edited

Prisha Sharma (She/Her)

Prisha is a sophomore at Eastlake High School, and a first time youth board member! She loves helping others, and building a bond with the children she volunteers for. During her free time, Prisha is most probably watching a movie on her watchlist, eating, or making her dog listen to Taylor Swift.

Olivia - Edited

Olivia Lee (She/Her)

Olivia is a current sophomore at Eastlake high school! She fell in love with KCT’s welcoming and growth focused environment, soon attending events every week. In her free time, Olivia enjoys watching documentaries and hanging out with friends (not concurrently).

Devanshi - Edited

Devanshi Rautaraya (She/Her)

Devanshi is a sophomore at Eastlake Highschool. She has lived in India for 11 years and loves learning and performing an Indian Classical dance form called Kathak. She also really loves drawing and painting. Devanshi joined KCT because she really enjoy volunteering and wanted to help inspire younger kids to volunteer. She also just love going to KCT events cause they are really fun and it helped her grow a lot as a person.