February News: KCT Events on Hold

February 10, 2022

temporarily closed due to covid 19

The KCT Youth Board met in the first week of January and expressed concern about the OMICRON variant’s high numbers in King County.

Given the age group of the children we work with it was decided not to hold events in January. We are hoping to open up events again sometime before March. A special newsletter will come out to let you know when we are back up and running.


A Note From Deb:

What is KCT? We get asked this a lot. Is KCT for teens? Is it for kids? Is it a social group or a community service organization?

If you have spent much time with us you know that the answer to all of those questions is YES. However, the best way to understand Kids Coming Together is to hear from our Youth Board members themselves. Starting this month, we are going to feature our KCT Youth Board members telling a little bit about their story. Anika has a unique perspective, having been a KCT Kid, a KCT Highschool Leader, and a KCT Youth Board member. Here she is to tell you her story.

Meet Anika Kamath, a Sophomore at Eastlake High School and in her second year on the KCT Youth Board.

Anika“Hello! I am the Newsletter Intern on KCT’s 2021-22 Youth Board. My job is to put the newsletter together and send it out to over 900 families each month. I first learned about Kids Coming Together when my mom told me about a Lego event with KCT in 2019. At the time I was in the middle of my 8th grade year, so I signed up as a KCT Kid and attended the event. I was looking for a simple and fun community service opportunity and the event was just that! I really appreciated how the high schoolers engaged with the kids and made an effort to include all of us in conversations and activities.

After attending more KCT events and learning more about their mission, I decided I wanted to explore how to be more involved with the organization. I was informed that in my 9th grade year, I could start volunteering as a High School Leader myself, and I could apply to be on KCT’s Youth Board. I took this opportunity, and I got a position as a General Board Member. I enjoyed my time on the board so much that I decided to apply again for the current term, and I got this position! Overall, I love KCT events because there are so many fun ways to be involved and lots of opportunities for community service and interacting with others.

My younger sister, currently in 3rd grade, started attending KCT events last year as a KCT Kid, and she also enjoys them very much. When asked about what she likes most about KCT events, she replied, “I like the fun activities, playing with other kids, helping the community, and working with the High School Leaders! When I go to high school, I want to volunteer as a Leader as well!”

Kids Coming Together

Building relationships through community service

Kids Coming Together is a program of the Lake Washington Schools Foundation. It provides opportunities for local youth to make new friends and connect with their community through events led by high school students.